As a developer and OEM supplier, we pride ourselves on the trust and success of our customers. ERGOSURG has developed innovative medical devices for well-known manufacturers and helped to open up new markets through USPs and to shape the image as a technology leader.

The following products and components are examples:
  • Optical and electromagnetic 3D measurement technology in the OR (Computer Aided Surgery)
  • Tracking of instruments and imaging systems
  • Real-time processing and fusion of video image data from endoscopy, ultrasound, etc.
  • Registration and image fusion of large amounts of data
  • Surgical precision instruments made of steel, titanium, plastic and glass
  • Fieldbus systems and controls for operating theatres and electrical instruments
  • Automatic tracking carrier systems for the operating theatre
  • Medical Instrument Guidance and Image Guidance Systems (Robotics)
  • PACS and DICOM interfaces and visualization systems
  • STL-IMPORT AND EXPORT for the generative production of patient-specific structures
  • USB interfaces and converter between fieldbus, Ethernet and USB
  • Intuitive input systems for the operating theatre
  • Information management and automatic interconnection of devices and operating consoles
  • Networking of devices in the operating theatre