Willingness to innovate and enthusiasm for technology are necessary in order to design and implement successful products for a competitive market. Our specialists at ERGOSURG know how to implement an idea in mechatronics, medical devices and instruments. Software, electronics, control, design and instruments are optimally integrated by our employees from the draft to the series device. The importance of a target price with corresponding boundary conditions through marketing and sales are an integral part of our product design. The motto "As perfect and as cost-effective as possible" is one of the reasons for our customers' success to date. Of course, a mechatronic medical device must be documented and approved; in the case of a series device, the production processes through to production site monitoring. We can support you in every phase: From the concept to the OEM production of medical products.

  • ERGOSURG stands for:
  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics
  • Instruments
  • Construction
  • Series transfer
  • Regulatory Affairs